Waste Management Solutions

We can provide a range of waste management solutions.

Bespoke Waste Management Solutions
This enables us to maximise the amount of product for refurbishment and also offer an end of life solution for the remaining equipment with complete brand destruction to prevent equipment re-entering the market place. This is backed up by robust inventory recording which identifies each piece of equipment and gives complete traceability.  

Maximum Recycling and Minimum Landfill
It is our aim to recycle materials wherever possible working with specialists in metals and plastics recycling. This means that we can minimise the amount of materials to landfill. We also work closely with Community Groups and charities who recycle our packaging waste giving them the opportunity to raise much needed funds.

Certified De-Gassing Operation
Refrigerant gases can be potentially harmful to the environment. Any item containing these gases are dealt with at our degassing facility. The refrigerant gases are safely removed by specialist qualified technicians and transferred for processing by a major gas supplying company.

Optimum Revenue From End of Life Assets
Cost savings can be made in the following areas:

  • Labour cost by equipment being sorted and segregated by our fully trained stafF
  • Increase in the amount of recycled product returned for use
  • Revenue source from scrap units
  • Revenue source from mixed materials that will be sorted and segregated to give the optimum market rate.

Optimised Efficiency of Logistical Resources
We are able to offer a cost effective collection service using our own transport and working closely with major transport companies to
maximise loads and minimise our carbon footprint.